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GymX Eclipse GymX Bottoms- Jet Black (4 Way Stretch)

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Built not made
Built with zipper pockets to keep your valuables safe and bottom cuff zipper for the ultimate fit, these bottoms will eclipse any bottoms you’ve ever tried.
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MuscleBlaze Biozyme Performance Whey

MuscleBlaze Biozyme Performance Whey

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  • MuscleBlaze ® Biozyme Performance Whey is a Labdoor, USA tested & certified whey protein formulation with the highest possible grading of A+ for its all-accurate claims & purity. Launched in the most delightful fruity flavour- Magical Mango!
  • MB Biozyme Performance Whey comes with a proprietary international patent-applied Enhanced Absorption Formula (EAF ®) that ensures 50% higher protein absorption & 60% superior BCAA absorption compared to other whey proteins
  • The leading Biozyme range by MuscleBlaze ® are India’s first clinically-tested Whey Protein offerings proven for their efficacy (absorption & muscle-building) specifically on Indian bodies (as Indian bodies’ protein absorption capability widely differs from westerners’)
  • Biozyme Performance Whey is widely recommended since it also significantly lowers any possible stomach discomfort in body-building consumers by enabling enhanced protein digestion
  • Biozyme Performance Whey delivers 25g of protein per serving and is powered by all-imported, highest grade, international quality Whey Protein Concentrate
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Sold By : Livefit Store
  •  Heart Support .
  • Liver Support. 
  • Kidney Support.
  • Cholesterol Support.
  • Testosterone Support.
  • Estrogen and DHT Balancer.
  • HPTA Axis Support.
  • Cortisol Regulator.
  • Immunity Booster.
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