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PharmGrade Healthy Living Vitamin C

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PharmGrade Healthy Living Organic Vitamin C Tablets from natural fruits Immunity supplement For Men and Women | Antioxidants | Skincare |Immunity Booster | Orange peel ext | Vitamin C 40mg | Zinc | 60 serving | Vegan and Keto friendly.



Pharmgrade Healthy Living Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that must be obtained from the diet or supplements.

It has been linked to many impressive health benefits, such as boosting antioxidant levels, reducing blood pressure, reducing heart disease risk, improving iron absorption, boosting immunity and reducing dementia risk.

Overall, vitamin C supplements are a great and simple way to boost your vitamin C intake if you struggle to get enough from your diet.

Pharmgrade Healthy Living Vitamin C Tablets :-

Pharmgrade Healthy Living Vitamin C is IMMUNITY BOOSTER VITAMIN C WITH ZINC: Vitamin C & Zinc both are immunity boosters and may help you build your immunity, Vitamin C also may help skin glow and acts as a collagen builder.

Our vitamin c tablets for adults contain Zinc Gluconate instead of Zinc Sulphate. Zinc is a tricky mineral when it comes to absorption by your body. Don’t settle for the cheapest Zinc Sulphate given by others. Your body absorbs ZINC GLUCONATE 3 TIMES MORE THAN ZINC SULPHATE

•HIGH POTENCY VITAMIN C COMPLEX: Pharmgrade heathyliving Vitamin C is ideal for those looking to supplement their diet to meet daily vitamin C nutrient needs.

*Strong Antioxidant That May Reduce the Risk of Chronic Diseases

*May Help Battle High Blood Pressure

*Fights Heart Disease Risk Factors, Potentially Lowering Heart Disease Risk

*Helps Prevent Iron Deficiencies by Improving Iron Absorption

*Boosts Immunity by Helping White Blood Cells Function Better


The reason why Pharmgrade Healthy Living Vitamin C could help with sore muscles is that it is an antioxidant. Antioxidants assist the cell in the healing process. More specifically, vitamin C is necessary for tissue repair, and it is speeding up the healing processes of those tiny rear and tears.


Pharmgrade Healthy Living Vitamin C concentrations in the plasma and leukocytes rapidly decline during infections and stress. Supplementation of vitamin C was found to improve components of the human immune system such as antimicrobial and natural killer cell activities, lymphocyte proliferation, chemotaxis, and delayed-type hypersensitivity. Vitamin C contributes to maintaining the redox integrity of cells and thereby protects them against reactive oxygen species generated during the respiratory burst and in the inflammatory response.


Pharmgrade Healthy Living Vitamin C’s skin-saving benefits aren’t limited to its antioxidant status. It has plenty of other skin-healing properties that make it worthy of a permanent place in your medicine cabinet

Ingredients :- Microcrystaliine cellulose, phyllanthus embica, orange peel, bioflavonoids, vitamin c, starch, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, PVPK 30, zinc gluconate, talc.

 Directions :- 1 serving daily

 Quantity :- 60 Tablets

PRODUCT :-  Pharmgrade Healthy Living Vitamin C


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