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Procel High Protein T-Mass Gainer

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PROCEL T-MASS is a controlled calorie weight gain powder, formulated with high quality macronutrients to support your muscle building goals. This formula features an All-Whey Protein blend along with low glycemic carbs in a targeted 1:3 Protein:Carb ratio, to support increases in lean muscle mass while preventing fat storage.

T-MASS uses two complex carbohydrate forms- Isomaltulose and Low-DE-long-chain-Glucose-Polymers to provide you a rich supply of quality calories, without the associated blood sugar/insulin spikes caused by most other sugar loaded weight gainers.

What truly sets T-MASS apart is its testosterone amplification system- T-Blend. T-Blend is a composite testosterone-elevating-complex unique to T-MASS formulated with purified extracts of select herbs, which have been shown in numerous studies to substantially elevate Testosterone levels in the body.



Macronutrients, namely Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats form the foundation for muscle growth and sustenance. These macronutrients when consumed in selective combinations, are sources of calories from which new muscle is formed (anabolism). But it is the type, quality and ratios of these macronutrients that’s more important than their sheer quantity in determining whether you will see gains in the form of lean muscle tissue or end up storing most of those excess calories as body fat.

Testosterone is the primary anabolic hormone in the body, which ignites this new muscle formation (anabolism). Without primed levels of free testosterone, not much can be achieved through weight training.

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