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Brand: Procel

Procel Ketowhey Ketogenic Protein Powder 4.4 lbs, 2 kg

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Ketowhey is a protein designed to support a nutritionally keto-adapted state. Ketowhey is powered by the patent-pending Ketofuel is a breakthrough fat complex with Zero Carbs innovated and mastered by the researchers at Neucorp Ketofuel is composed of an optimized ratio of MCTs and Coconut Oil, which is then combined with the finest quality Whey Protein Isolates in a ketogenically structured 1:1 calorific ratio to give you Ketowhey Nutritional Ketosis is a metabolic state where the body chooses fat over glucose to fulfill most of its energy needs. Fat burning and athletic performance increase dramatically while on ketosis. Another positive on ketosis is the increase in mental clarity and a drop in energy swings.


  • The industry’s first ketogenic protein powder, custom designed to support a nutritionally keto-adapted state. Supports varied LCHF protocols from ketogenic to paleo diets.
  • Powered by the patent pending Ketofuel Zero-Carb fat blend of Mcts and Coconut Oil. Whey Isolates Only source.
  • 1:1 calorific ratio of Fat:Pr0tänto support varied LCHF diets from Ketogenic or Paleo to Gluconeogenic diets. 25g All-whey-Isolate protein and 12.2g Ketofuel Fat Complex per serving.
  • While Mcts help in fat metabolism and mental clarity, Coconut oil helps reduce cellular inflammation and stimulates fat burning.
  • Procel standard full transparency label including “Total Sugars” and not just “Added Sugar” (added sugar is table sugar). No Artificial colors or flavors in line with the Procel brand philosophy. Sweetened with Stevia.


CFM Whey Protein Isolate, Ketofuel Lipid Complex (Coconut Oil, MCT Oil).


Mix 1-2 Servings (1-2 scoops) of KETOWHEY in 200-400ml of cold water (200ml per scoop) and shake thoroughly in a shaker cup. use anytime you want to ingest quality calories in the perfect ketogenic ratio. Clumps in the product are normal due to the high-fat content and may increase f very cold liquid IS used. Enjoy.

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Coffee, Mango Lassi, Salted Caramel Shake

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