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Procel Beta-Leucine Powder Keto BCAA Supplement 0.88 lbs, 400 g

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  • Complete intra-training solution for Ketogenic Athletes
  • 7g Leucine and 3g Beta-alanine per serving
  • 100% Non-gluconeogenic formula
  • No spike in blood sugar levels like regular BCAA products
  • Supports Blood + Muscle Buffering
  • Contains key electrolytes and Rehydration salts
  • Clean-source, Vegan & Fermented amino acids
  • Over 10g Keto-Friendly actives per serving
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Procel High Protein T-Mass Gainer

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PROCEL T-MASS is a controlled calorie weight gain powder, formulated with high quality macronutrients to support your muscle building goals. This formula features an All-Whey Protein blend along with low glycemic carbs in a targeted 1:3 Protein:Carb ratio, to support increases in lean muscle mass while preventing fat storage.

T-MASS uses two complex carbohydrate forms- Isomaltulose and Low-DE-long-chain-Glucose-Polymers to provide you a rich supply of quality calories, without the associated blood sugar/insulin spikes caused by most other sugar loaded weight gainers.

What truly sets T-MASS apart is its testosterone amplification system- T-Blend. T-Blend is a composite testosterone-elevating-complex unique to T-MASS formulated with purified extracts of select herbs, which have been shown in numerous studies to substantially elevate Testosterone levels in the body.

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Procel Pro-Hydro Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate 4.40 lbs, 2 kg, Dark Chocolate

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  • Modeled on the native structure of mothers milk. 80:20 ratio of Hydrolyzed Whey: Hydrolyzed Casein. The highest degree of hydrolysis > 15%.
  • Formulated with only 100% Hydrolyzed proteins. No hidden concentrates or isolates.
  • 100% Native Micellar Casein used. No cheese residues of hormones such as those found in regular micellar casein. Ideal for athletes looking for a functional protein solution, which can be used either post-workout or any time of the day or night.
  • Sweetened with Stevia. No artificial Colors or Flavors in line with the PROCEL brand philosophy. PROCEL’s new breakthrough flavour technology giving you the most decadent flavours seen yet
  • Procel standard Full declaration label including “Total Sugars” and not just “Added Sugar” (added sugar is table sugar)
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Procel Pro-Standard 100% Whey Protein Isolate Powder 4.40 lbs, 2 kg

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  • Whey Peptides + Whey Isolates – Primary Source
  • Whey Source: U.S/ E.U
  • 25g of A-grade whey protein per serving
  • 30% higher in Leucine than regular whey isolates
  • 6.5g of BCAAs per serving- 20% higher than most brands
  • Powered by Proteozyme for peak absorption
  • < 1g of total sugars. No hidden carbs.
  • No Artificial Colors or Flavors
  • PROCEL standard Full transparency label including “Total Sugars” and not just “Added Sugar” (added sugar is table sugar)
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